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Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Zoey. Not to mention my unique ability to create web pages I want to tell you something else I realized this past week that there is a very real reason I am happy I ended up with the owners I did, and it’s Dog Training and Products by Zoey Dog because they seem to be tuned into what’s going on with me at all times. Some friends of mine have confided in me about some of their dog health issues, but because of the language barriers, they can’t tell their owners. And, unfortunately for them, their owners just don’t pay as much attention to what’s going on with them as mine does with me, I guess.

For example, I know Lulu, the older Bulldog down the street, has an ankle problem. She is slightly overweight, and she is an older dog, so it could be either causing her ankle difficulties, or maybe a combination of both. If her owners were more tuned in to her needs, though, they would know something is wrong despite the language barrier between dog and man. If, when her excessive barking constantly drives the whole neighborhood crazy, they would take it as a sign that something is wrong instead of just sending their children out to play with her, they might be able to do something about her pain. While the children do distract her from her pain for a while, her barking starts again as soon as they go back inside or leave for school. She doesn’t even have to tell me this-I can hear her from my house and we live a few blocks apart. Maybe her owners think she is bored, but if they would just pay a little more attention, they would realize it’s an ankle problem. Then they would know to buy her weight management dog food, or put her on all-natural health supplements for older dogs dealing with joint pain.


Another friend of mine, Peanut (the Chihuahua that lives in the backyard behind mine) was telling me just yesterday about stomach pain she has been experiencing recently. She has tried and tried to tell her owners but they don’t seem to understand. If they were paying attention to the changes in her needs to go outside and do her business, or if they didn’t free-feed her, maybe they would see that she hasn’t eaten very much in a couple of days. Then they would know to either switch her food to a different brand or maybe even take her to the vet to see if it is something more serious. They haven’t noticed, though, and I really hope she gets better and it’s not something serious.


So after observing my two friends’ experiences, I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely love my owners. They seem to somehow always know what is going on with me and my health, even though I can’t speak to them in their language. Just recently, my fur began to shed more than normal. And, since it’s getting close to winter, this isn’t the typical time of year to shed so much. I was itchy all over, and when I would rub my body up against the couch to scratch the areas I couldn’t reach, there would be lumps of dark brown hair left where I had been. But, thankfully, my owners aren’t like Peanut’s parents or Lulu’s owners. They noticed right away, making sure to start brushing my coat once a day with a slicker brush to help remove the knots and sooth the itching as brushing helps to massage the skin. They also started feeding me a vitamin E supplement and they started mixing in some healthy coat food with my regular food once a day. At first I wasn’t happy about the chewable tablets, because I wasn’t sure how it would taste, but after I tried one, I realized they are almost as good as bacon treats!


Now, only a week later, my fur already feels better and the itching has stopped! So I am feeling very thankful for my owners right now. I know Lulu’s and Peanut’s owners love them, but I’m still glad I have mine. They pay so much attention to me it’s almost like we don’t speak two different languages!


Please read my articles to the right so you too can get in tune with your dog - I know it has already helped Peanut and Lulu!!


Zoey the Chocolate Lab 


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